Saturday, June 02, 2007


-If Kevin is going to use my laptop he's going to have to deal with my stupid pranks. Like changing the backgroudn to an image of Rick Astley with a massive word art of the phrase "RickRoll'd!" splashed over it, and changing the startup noise to the song.

-It occurs to me that all of the things that I enoy on 4chan are profoundly stupid. I don't think I've seen anything there with real intellectual content. Some of it is clever, and some of it is creative but the smartest thign I've seen is this:

-The caption cats ongoing meme may be the only thing that can affect me with cuteness. But even then it takes a lot of exposure to work on me.

-Paying $750 in one click causes me to tremble and lose my breath. That much spending in one burst is just so much.

-I stopped playin WoW about a week ago. It wasn't a big severance thing, I just gradually lost interest.

-Red Mountain Dew > Regular Mountain Dew
-Swill > Red Vault


Blogger mhoskins said...

I find all the cat-related memes to be profoundly stupid, but I have to admit that is the best one I've ever seen.

6:12 AM  

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