Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Audiolog Entry 28.

You guys really should see this, this is a clever bird. I'm sitting at a bus stop waiting for the bus, and there's a bunch of grackles all over the place. I was listening to the grackle calling and thinking about the calling and what the calls mean. Then I notice this one bird which flies over to the trash can of the bus stop across the street, and it's pecking at the trash can and I figure it's just rooting around in the trash right? It starts pulling stuff out of the trash can and throwing it on the ground, and all of it's other bird friends come over and start pecking at the stuff on the ground. And it just keeps digging. It's gotten all kinds of stuff out of there now. It looks like some... ya'know dick teenager just came along and threw trash everywhere. And at first I thought that's why there was trash around these trashcans. Just people being lazy and people being jerks, but it's actually the birds. That is a clever, clever bird.


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