Friday, December 08, 2006


I like my new job. I like it because it's a night job. I don't mean that it draws virtue from being at night either, it's virtue is drawn from the nature of night jobs. People on the night shift aren't really working. They're just chilling, in uniform, at the office.
The Bellevue job is really true to that standard. I'm "Busy" until about 1:30, busy means that I'm doing laundry and about once every 45 minutes I answer the phone to address some minor detail. After that it's just laundry which is a relaxing simple repetitive process that gives me time to think. Somewhere between 3 & 4 I'm done with the laundry and have functionally no obligations until 6:30.
It's what I've been looking for. It's time for me to think and draw and write. It's the mirror of the darkened lair. I'm not drawn into the core of my self from which my artistry flows freely, rather I'm drawn up into the grand consillium of my mind where my thoughts are free to shine forth in transcendent prismatic intricacy.
I've said before that I was not getting the knowledge I sought, well that was because I was looking for it in the wrong place. I thought the singularity of the dark, but I found it in the omnicognition of the light.

Project Exodus marches on...


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