Saturday, May 12, 2007

Devil's Advocate

I habitually play devil's advocate. I'm sure it's an annoying habit of mine, but you may take some comfort in known that I also play it to myself.

I paced around the office this morning thinking about what I'd said here. The whole thing started with the idea that it would be interesting to have an exact count of what I did that night, but once you begin to measure you inevitably begin to judge. There was only one opinion in the entire entry, but it was sufficient to gnaw at my brain.

"I think my fee is reasonable..."

Why should you get $90 to do laundry all night? Any douche can do laundry. And why are you getting paid for 9 hours when you only really worked eight?

I was in service to the establishment for nine hours. Even though I was only actively working for eight of them they still took nine hours of my time. I also don't get any form of break. Legally they're required to give me a fifteen minute break every two hours, so in the eight hours that I was doing laundry I should've gotten an hours worth of paid break. The inactive hour is simply the result of Federally mandated breaks and personal time management.

It's good to see us finally applying what we learned from being a temp worker.

That still doesn't answer why you should be paid $90 just for doing laundry all night.

I get paid that much because it was the deal. The contract was put forward by them. I agreed to it; both parties were and are on amiable terms. There's no reason to see a conflict there.

You can't base your personal perspectives on your contract. The contract is why you are being paid, but why should you be paid.

Because I'm the one that does it. I can't dispute that this is an unskilled job, and I don't doubt that there are those who would do it for less, but when the call went up for someone to spend every night of their weekends doing menial tasks at an hour when most people would be asleep I was the one who answered it. Furthermore the entire idea of a moral or philosophical imperative being required in this scenario is flawed. This isn't a matter of opinions, this isn't an ethical debate, this is business. Nothing more.


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