Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Transitional State

I've been asking around, getting advice on my resume recently, and I've gotten two things over and over again. First I'm told that listing my work as a lab technician may be hurting me because it makes me seem overqualified. The second thing I've been told is that it may not be a good idea to list that I'm starting at Evergreen in the fall. It shows that I won't be there for the long run. More then that though it illustrates the nature of my life right now.

I've spent time recently looking around my room, looking at everything there is to see, and mentally boxing it all up. I've gone around the rest of the house doing the same thing, everything that is flagged as mine gets scanned in, and becomes part of my plans. The plan, at this point, is to get a storage unit in Olympia sometime around May. Our lease is up at the end of May, at which point I'll be moving in with the Wilson's, but the vast majority of my stuff will either go to a storage unit or to charity. One of the things I've come to believe since scanning the various things I own is that I own too many things.

Even as I sit here now, in the basement, I'm looking at our heavily graffited walls and thinking about how and when I'm going to paint them. Everything I see, all that I do, is about what is coming. There are a great many things underway, a new dawn is just over the horizon, but I'm starting to get tired of staring at dark horizon all the time.

Officially I'm going to start packing in early April, but I'm thinking of starting sooner then that. Which is to say that I'm thinking of starting tomorrow. The key reason I haven't already is money, but I'm getting tired of ranting about money all the time and I have to imagine you're getting tired of hearing about it.


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