Thursday, July 20, 2006

Clandestine Council

I was recently reminded of a phrase I used to use on the rare occasions where I was giving some form of council to a person I didn't like. While the same facets of my being that drive me to the role of counselor also forbid me from denying anyone my aid, or supplying false aid, they say nothing about mocking them behind their back. Anyway I can think of thee instances where I was advising someone who I didn't like, and in all of those situations I made sure to give this piece of advice.

You must remember that peace comes from within. You have the answer within yourself, but your thoughts/relationship with (other person(s) who was the source of the problem) have obscured your thinking. You must learn to draw on your inner strength, and Stand by thyself.

That last line, the one in italics, always made my inner evil grin. This is because the full phrase, Isaiah 65:something is "I have laid out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, stand by thyself and come not near to me for I am holier then thou."

This is also why I need one of the two following things in white text on a black T-shirt. Either a shirt that says "Come not near to me" in gothic pseudo-biblical writing. Or one in a jagged vaguely violent font that says "Come not near to me for I am crazier then thou"

Also, one last note before I go. This phrase is essentially the same message as someone saying "Damnit! I've tried to help you idiots and you never listen, so back the hell off!"

I think Isaiah phrased it better though.


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