Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Am I allowed to blog at work? Technically I'm doing 3 things right now, so I'm not really hurting my productivity. This place is pretty lax too, so it shouldn't be an issue. Then again I did look over my shoulder twice while typing that.

These cubicles have an amazing effect. There are two walls, and the desk causes the person to be pointed towards the corner, so your full field of view is your workspace, but you still have enough of you exposed that you feel like the boss could be looking over you shoulder at any minute. It's a piece of evil genius worth of the word "Treacherous"

you could also say these thing give everyon in the lab their own workspace while allowing us to spin no more then 30 degreees and instantly enter a communal setting. That's a much nicer description, but then I don't get to use the word Treacherous.

I also found out how far I can push this computer. It turns out it cant do more then 6 tasks at once. Then again I don't think the formatter program was designed to run more then one instance of itself at once anyway, and multiple instance of remote admin? That's just nuts. I full expect the ethernet cord to burst open and spray genomes all over my desk one of these days.

I wish I blogged more, I have a lot to say but between raiding, working, and basic biophysical needs I seem to have very little free time. You could say that I'm filling up all my free time with raids, but that's not quite accurate. I need to explain but the over the shoulder count is up to 15. I'm just being paranoid, but that dosn't negate the fact that I'm paranoid.

List of things I need to blog later.

Ultraviolt: everything that's wrong with american theatre
Israel/lebanon: How to use a long range explosive weapon withotu being evil
Work/time/thoguht: The Nature of stagnation, stability, etc.
Pentacle, does freedom corrupt?
Happiness vs Victoriousness, the nature of stagnation
Project Exodus, player 3.

I think that's it. I'll get to those when I get home. hopefully.


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