Saturday, July 22, 2006

Everything That's Wrong with American Theatre

A few days ago, quite nearly a week ago now, I watched the movie ultraviolet. I had been interesting in seeing this movie when it was first out, but never managed to assemble the correct formation of free time, money, and bus rides. The Reason I wanted to see it, and this is clearly my mistake, is because I liked the commercial’s music. I can say that if anything good came from my experiences with this movie it’s that I discovered the band Jem, who I’m quite fond of.

The movie itself has only one merit. It is the perfect example of the failings of American theatre. The introduction is melodramatic, the protagonist achieves victory through no form of skill or tact or insight or intellect. She wins because she’s the hero and that’s what people want to see. The grand reveal that the Nemesis is one of the sci-fi vampires that makes up the protagonist’s particular subculture was something I accepted from the moment they introduced the subculture. On top of that it was foreshadowed. Well, kinda, the word foreshadowed implies that they hinted at it, that they had some form of nuance and finesse. This was much more a case of them rubbing it in the face of anyone who wasn’t actively intoxicated during the movie. Then, at the last minute, the kid lives for no good reason and without any explanation. The only story point that I liked was that both the protagonist and the cute kid they put in to draw the drooling masses on to the protagonists side both had conditions that gave them life spans of less then 3 days. Then they just ignore that. They don’t die, they have no actual weakness, did they just forget about that?

It’s schlock, and it’s a movie that I accurately predicted the plot of less then 15 minutes in to the movie, and if you couldn’t see it coming then you haven’t been paying enough attention.


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