Saturday, June 09, 2007


-662 on Shooting Range. Suck it Kevin.

-There's an interesting philosophical conversation to be had about the similarities of the protoss psychic collective, The Kallah, and the Zerg overmind. The short answer is Xel'naga, but I think there's more to be said.

-Specifically I think there's an interesting examination of two races born of one who got two different halves of the mind. The protoss are the superego to the Zerg's Id.

-More people would respect janitors if they remembered that Hong Kong Fooey was a janitor. After all, he climbed the ranks all the way up to #1 Super Guy.

-I would be more excited about moving if I wasn't dealing with all of the stressful details associated with moving.

-I think it's worth recording that I spent half of net worth on a peripheral for my computer. It was an almost surreal experience being that close to having literally 0 money.

-Part of me wants to be mad at C&C, but I know that it's not their fault and that they're in just as bad of a position as we are. I know that I can't actually hold it against them, I'd feel horrible if I did, but my vindictive bitchery won't go fully unheard. They're never getting that router back, that's' ours now.

-Paris Hilton needs to go away. I'm used to them not showing actual news, but this is just a disgrace.


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