Monday, August 13, 2007


I watched most of face off tonight, and it bothered me for the wrong reasons. It's strange what my mind is willing to accept and what it's not. The whole "switching faces" thing was airbrushed into reality just fine, but during the entire last fight scene, at the point where they're supposed to be dealing finishing blows all I could think was "Spear to the gut, non-fatal, keep fighting." I couldn't deal with how little actual damage was being dealt by their combat, and when the antagonist passes out I was upset because he hadn't even really been injured.

I don't know what it is but ever since I got a full understanding of how much damage you can take while fighting I haven't had a very high tolerance for action movies that don't show anything borderline lethal going on before someone gets killed. My brothers tip that if I have a flail and my opponent has a Katana and I get stabbed in the rib cage I should keep fighting because a collapsed lung is okay if it means I can get in a good swing to the head keeps coming to mind. That and the advice of a scuba trainer at Sea Base. He made the mistake of mentioning sharks to a bunch of teenaged boys, and we were instantly fascinated by the idea. The defense he taught us is simple: if you see a shark coming at you, punch it in the nose. I brought up the key question "what if keeps coming?"
"Punch it again."
"What if you get tired?"
"It's pretty simple kid. If you don't punch the shark you're gonna die. Just remember that and think really hard about how tired you are. "


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