Sunday, August 05, 2007


I haven't played WoW in a few months now, and I'm not having any issues with that. However, I've been sitting next to a Tier 7 WoW addict for the last few days, so I've had to explain over and over again that as the game is now I'm just not interested. Until they add something that really interests me, I'll keep console gaming, IRC chatting, and hoping I can get a better video card before Fury and Age of Conan come out.

A quick note to my stalkers. You are correct, until now there were only six tiers of WoW addiction. My exposure to this young man has prompted me to make a seventh. I'll discuss this at length later.

Changing topics again. Anyone here ever group with my Paladin? Maybe part of a 40 man raid with Inquisition? Well, for those of you who who didn't I had a couple of interesting distinctions about my character. For one thing I kept an alternate set of gear on me that made me look the complete antithesis of the Paladin. It was dark and spiked, and the sword had an unholy purple glow along a pale metal blade extending from the demons skull that was it's pommel. The shield had the image of a skeletal human face locked in an eternal scream set upon it. Even if you didn't see me in my decorative gear, since I usually jumped quickly back to either my healing or my multipurpose gear, you almost certainly heard my rez macro.

Those players who can resurrect others sometimes have a macro set up, which makes them announce who they're resurrecting. This prevents the loss of time and mana that you get when two people try and rez the same fallen ally. These macros can be as simple as "Rez inc [Target Name]" but they're usually more in character, something like "The light calls you back from the twisting nether [Target Name]" or "May the elements breathe new life into [Target Name]"

Mine was in character too. It's just that it was in the character that I so deeply wanted to be, but couldn't. Mine was "Arise [Target Name]! Rise up in the Lich King's Name!" The macro wasn't called resurrect either. It was called Animate Dead.

I wanted to be a Death Knight. Since WoW Beta I wanted to be a Death Knight. I use to campaign to make the Scourge a third playable faction with Death Knight as their faction class. I routinely mentioned that as soon as they gave me the opportunity my paladin would forsake the light, embrace the shadow, and become a champion of the Lich King.

That opportunity has been given.

I think I have until at least fall '08. In the meantime I'm upping my dosage of Fury trailers in what I know will be a futile denial of my dark ambitions.

Glory to the Scourge


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