Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yeah yeah, "blog all your PAX stories" I'll get to that later, I have something stupid and pointless to get to right now.

I just corrected a typo that was phonetically accurate. It wasn't even really a typo, it's more like I was typing phonetically. sympel. If you were to try and pronounce that it would be the same as the word simple right?

For some reason it seems profound. There's probably a whole lot you could say here. It could be a grand metaphor on religion, different paths to enlightenment etc, but really it's just a typo. Which in itself is a profound statement, how many pieces of new age artwork could be easily mistaken for trash. If I signed the fire extinguisher that was already in place could I call that part of my collection? Would the museum be willing to sell that extinguisher? Would the fire code make way for art?

A lot of potentially profound thoughts are there, but really it's just a stoner-esque bit of "Whoa!" I'll let you decide for yourselves whether or not reading this was a waste of your time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are dealing with culturally based ideas of ownership. This was a real problem for indigenous peoples when they were "colonized".

9:42 AM  
Blogger alex said...

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