Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'm not a fan of Tim Buckley. The reason I'm not a fan is because his webcomic is routinely preachy, lacks any real character development, and reveals itself over time to be highly formulaic. I forgave most of that. The same point that prevents webcomics from ever becoming an industry frees them from the burden of merit, but I also bought the book of his webcomic in order to see his commentary on his own work. In the Penny-Arcade books the commentary shows the genius of the author, and is at least as entertaining as the comics themselves. The picture painted by Buckley's commentary is that of an arrogant tool.

It turns out that Scott Kurtz, creator of PvP, also has a bone to pick with him, and wikiscanner has finally produced a truly interesting story. The following is a post by Kurtz, you can find it here.

This is so great.

A fan sent me a condolences gift yesterday to try to lift me up. Boy did it ever. Apparantly there is a site called Wikiscanner, where you can look up someone's IP address, enter it into the site and it will show you every Wiki entry and edit they have ever made.

This fan had an email from Tim Buckley and used his IP address to wiki-search him.

My favorite: Tim deleted the enitre wiki entry for PvP and replaced it with "pvp sucks."

If you look, you'll see that at various points, Tim vandalized his own page anonymously, then posed as CAD fans admonishing the vandalism. This was like Christmas, and my birthday all rolled into one email.

Dear fan who wished to remain anonymous. One thing Mike Wieringo LOVED to do with me was gossip like a fucking bored housewife. He would have FUCKING LOVED THIS SHIT!

Thank you for this. It made a difficult day better.


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