Monday, March 16, 2009

All the worlds a stage

The weather patterns over the last few days have been amazing. Normally I would say odd, or weird, or disturbing, but this time the winds and I have been dancing in perfect harmony.

I spent a lot of last week slipping between worry and bravado, and the oppressive skies and shining sun seemed to follow my moods. I spent Friday in a grand reverie and the wind swept away the clouds, bringing fresh sunlight and cool evening breezes. I spent the weekend in the trenches, toiling over notes and podcasts of lectures and practice tests, and as I closed myself off from the world the sky tucked a blanket of clouds over me. This morning I rose early, ready to face the final which may well be the formative factor of the next ten years of my life, and as I walked to campus in a state of steely resolution so too were the clouds neutral and patient, building, and waiting.

Even now I sit, resting, knowing that the next fight is just around the corner, but the sky clears as my burden is eased, a moment of respite, and sunlight, in the academic struggle.

Now I am, as a scientist, obligated to point out that all of this may be bias perspective talking, or simply that I feel better when the sun is out so the dance is going the other way around, but the experience of coelestial harmony is real to me, even if it's only just pretend.

It's fun to pretend.


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