Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A New Decade

Prior Warning: The following post contains adult language. Viewer discretion is advised.

I can't remember exactly how this got started, but I know where it got started. On new years eve we pulled off something amazing. All of the diverse friend groups that Adam, Kevin and I collectively interact with were pulled together into one gathering. My D&D friends, Adam's Americore friends, Kevin's friends from high school, my LDR who was visiting, Jason's girlfriend we never see, and the various miscellaneous people we call our friends all came to our house at once, and it was awesome. There's something magical about liquor and rock band, and the strange nerdy thread that ties 90% of the people in that group together. For those of you at home wondering the other 10% is the time honored nerd category of "Girlfriend who doesn't quite understand what they're talking about." Luckily the three or four people who fit into that category all get along so they're not nearly as isolated as it may seem.

Anyway, it was during this event that a resounding cry was first heard. A cry which rings out to this day, and which signifies the collective commitment we made to greatness on that hallowed night.

2010 Fuck Yeah.

Or as it's said more recently, #2010FuckYeah. This is because twitter is a magical thing, and all it takes to show that you're part of a movement is putting a # in front of some string of characters representative of that movement. What is this movement you ask? It's very simple. We, as those who carry the banner, by which I mean the hash tag, are dead set on making our lives awesome. We commemorate the glorious moments, we have no time for the troubles and tribulations. We know only victory. We are living the living our best lives now. We're making the world more like a motivational poster, and we're living every week like it's shark week. In short, we're going to make this decade our bitch.

Twenty Ten. Fuck Yeah.


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