Sunday, June 12, 2011

Childs Play

The weather in the area has been odd this year, but now that it's mid June it's finally starting to look like April. This means abundant sunlight, cool breezes, and just generally beautiful weather. The effect it has on the locals is amazing. Just as all of the flowers have begun to bloom so have the people. The number of people outside has tripled, and kids have begun playing outside. The game I see them playing is a classic that reminds me of my childhood. Guerrilla Warfare.

We called it Hunters and the Hunted when I was their age, but I assume they have a different name for it. They also have more advanced weapons then we did. My weapon of choice was a light gun from a Sega Master system, it didn't actually shoot anything, but it made a loud click so that everyone knew I was shooting. These kids have a large assortment of Nerf weapons, which actually shoot something, which means that they will be spared the endless arguments about whether or not someone got hit. One of these kids also has a full child sized military uniform. It's almost alarming to see a ten year old dressed in the exact same style and pattern of clothing as the actual military personnel that are a common sight in this area.

Child soldiers aside I'm about to introduce asymmetrical warfare to the occasion. Back in the days of Humans vs Zombies I purchased a Vulcan EBF-25 fully automatic belt fed dart gun. It's the battery powered heavy machine gun of the Nerf world. Since they canceled HvZ months ago it's been sitting in my closet going completely unused, so I've decided to give it to the kids in the complex. Because it would be incredibly creepy for a large unknown stranger to give random children a toy gun I've put up a poster in the hopes of alerting their parents. We'll see how this works out, but if all goes according to plan I'll have given one of those children a huge military advantage. Playing with the little Nerf handguns is fine, but I'm going to turn one of those kids into the Nerf version of Rambo.


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