Monday, October 03, 2011

Good Intentions, Bad Habits

There is a somewhat bad habit I have. I say somewhat bad because my intent is good, but my actions may be misguided. As I've said in my earlier post I'm working on losing weight and improving my health. The bulk of what I'm doing comes from the core principles of "The 4 Hour Body." I'm on a diet, I'm tweeting a food diary, and I'm making sure all of my peers know so they can hassle me if I start to backslide. I've got a scale and a bodyfat monitor coming in the mail, and I'll soon have a heavy stream of data providing psychological backup.

The bad habit is rooted in my ongoing fascination with martial arts. This manifests every now and then in the purchase of another book or piece of gear. This time it's dead on the mark of the trend. It's a poster displaying basic nunchaku* katas, and a pair of cheap foam nunchaku. I know myself enough that I can't guarantee that I'll actually master these katas and that what I'm buying won't wind up essentially being another toy, but I have hope, and if I'm going to spend money on a toy I kind of think it's better to make it a toy that also encourages exercise, instead of just another video game.

*Nunchaku is the word martial arts fan-boys use when talking about nunchucks. We also have strong views about who would win in a fight between two equally skilled combatants one of which is using a Kusarigama and one of which is using Escrima sticks**. We also know what a Kusarigama is.

**The Kusarigama would own the misguided Filipino pretending that sticks are really weapons.


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