Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hallowed Be His Name

I missed physics today. I missed it for a very good reason.

When I came out of psych there were anti-abortion protesters demonstrating in red square. My first thought was to simply pass them by, but I know that if I didn't stand up for my view then in time my view would be destroyed.

I confronted them civilly. I approached one, and started talking. I tried reason. I tried reason for an hour in the sun. Over the course of that hour I watched them as they preached hatred, and avoided questions and never gave me a straight answer. Over the course of this hour there were others who intervened. Most of them did not act as civilly as I did, but I'd like to think that my presence as an opposition gave them the strength they needed to speak. I don't think their tactic of shouting is getting anything done, but I'm glad people are speaking. Before long a crowd formed. I was no longer alone in my efforts. They continued to be adamant and unreasonable, we resorted to quoting the bible and they were still adamant and unreasonable. Every time they quoted the bible I made sure to check it, each of them had a bible on their belt, and while they were correct in their sources I stand fast in my decision to hold them to it.

When things really began to change was when I was joined by a man whose name I have lamentably forgotten. He's a 21 year old African American janitor, born to a single parent who was addicted to drugs. He's an assistant pastor, and he preached the love of Christ, and love of God, he knew much more impressive bible quotes then us, he was an amazing speaker.

This next part is going to get a bit mystical, but it happened, and it must be recorded.

When he spoke, when he preached God's infinite love and mercy, I could feel the presence of God through him.

I've felt it only a few rare times, and it is an amazingly powerful thing. It has brought me to my knees, it has brought me to my tears, but it is not a bad thing, it's glory is overpowering, and it's beauty is beyond mortal comprehension. I have felt it through another person only once before. It was when Rabbi Weiss blessed us shortly before graduation. You may not understand this, but a blessing is a much bigger deal to a rabbi, priests bless people on a routine basis, but the role of the rabbi is first and foremost that of a teacher. For one to bless you is truly a rare occurrence. I felt it through this man as well, and I can say without drama or deception; I say with absolute humility that this man is a Holy Man.

He was inspiring, and I am honored to have heard him speak.


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