Saturday, July 22, 2006

Killing kittens

There's a well known image throughout the magic world of the intraweb.
We've all seen that image, and by and large the denizens of the internet are people who masturbate. There are even some of us who say that it's the main function of the internet, but that's a sticky subject (literally) and not something I want to get in to.

Also I'm a little bit ashamed of that sticky subject thing, but it's one of those things I laugh at when I'm looking back through this blog when I'm 30 or so.

Anyway, everyone knows that picture. We all also recognize the phrase "mental masturbation" or sometimes "verbal masturbation" where someone is philosophising or ranting in a way is is entirelly pointless and self indulgent. So when I say things like "This conversation is killing so many kittens" people get it. I got a great reaction when the matter of the republican's non-binding resolution to say "Go Bush!" was brought up in guild chat. It was my sentiment that "Congress is killing so many kittens with that thing" and that managed to shut the book on the discussion. I'm proud of that, maybe a little too proud. Also this blog post is waaaaay longer then necessary so I'm going to stop now.
Right now.
Yes I am.


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