Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Breaking Point

I need new shoes, and if I’m saying that you know it’s something serious.

Some people will decide they need new shoes when their old ones begin to look ratty, or go out of fashion. I kept my shoes long past that. Most people would say they need new shoes after their old shoes begin to break. My shoes began to break five months ago. It’s not like they were big holes in the leather after all. Nearly everyone will agree that you should get rid of your shoes once the insole falls out. That happened three months ago. Knowing all that what could possibly push me to buying new shoes? Well after three months of walking around on the semi-padding that goes between the insole and the actual sole that padding has worn down to nothing. Including the lost height from the loss of the insole this makes my shoes about half of an inch deeper then normal. This means that the top of the heel of my shoe is now perfectly positioned to grind into my Achilles tendon. That started happening two weeks ago. When I began to find blood on my socks, that’s when I decided I needed new shoes. That was one week ago. Today I finally went and bought new ones. I would've done it earlier but walking with these busted shoes is just so painful.

Irony is a harsh mistress.

I’m not sure if this is determination or bravado that makes me do this, but either way it’s almost certainly unhealthy.

It’s also a bitch finding someone that will sell you size 15 extra wide shoes. I found one place, which is the same place that sells me all of the rest of my clothing. That damn big & tall shop is going to bleed me dry. Well they would if I didn’t have a rewards card which sends the bill to my Mom; making this the first time during Project Exodus that I’ve shunted some of my cost of living onto my parents.

Thanks for the new shoes Mom.


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