Monday, October 09, 2006

Job stuff

Okay so I think I've got this Volt thing down. The key thing to know is this.

At any time I can say "I don't feel like working that day" and not sign up for the next day. And at any time they can say "We don't really need you today" and not offer me a job that day.

Now the majority of the time they'll offer me a job and I'll take it. I plan to take every weekday job I can starting Wednesday. Those of you who've just noticed that tomorrow is Tuesday are probably wondering why I'm not working tomorrow when I easily could be. The simple version of the story is that Comcast gave me the option of doing the installation Tuesday at 8, or Three weeks from now at noon. Either way I'm going to have to get off of work. If I was at a regular job, or what I've begun to think of as a "Real" job this would mean going through the whole rigmarole of making a subtle show of lagging during work the day before, then calling in sick Tuesday. Because it's Volt the entire process comes down to one quick exchange at the end of today's job.

"Hey Max, want to work tomorrow?"

Now all that being said I'd like to point out to the various people I've discussed it with over the phone that is not my writing out of the job situation from last week. That's a multi-page word document on my laptop. Right now I'm on the business center desktop. Tomorrow, when the internet finally comes to my lair, I'll post that. It's good, a bit profane, but I stand by my word choice, particularly in a case like this where the mood that needs to be conveyed is a mixture of sulry and passionate.

So for now the job situation is effectively settled, in that I've resigned myself to a permanent state of instability, but the way that instability is rolling at the moment seems good.


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