Monday, September 25, 2006

Because Then I'd Have To Kill You.

I have a job working for Volt game testing. I also have five nondisclosure agreements with Volt and Volts customers and Volts customers customers so I can't tell you much about my job. I'm a gametester. It's enjoyable, they give you free soda, and I get to do numerous interesting and amusing things that I can't tell you about.

However it may be more important what I'm not doing. Project Exodus is about going out and doing something on the edge, getting more life experience, getting good stories (which I won't be allowed to tell you) and seeing the things that I've sought to see. So what am I not doing? I'm not wearing a hat with my company logo and a shirt with my name on it. I'm not slicing up sandwiches five days a week to pay for the interesting parts of my life, and I'm not doing what every other damn kid is doing.

And yes, I'm not making that extra $1.50 an hour that I could be making, but what I am doing is better then that, what I am doing is more stimulating then that, what I am doing is making every part of my life interesting, what I am doing...

Is something I can't tell you about.


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