Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This joke works better with the anouncer voice

Every day my life resembles a bad sitcom a little bit more. For those of you who were busy watching House, or the new entirely controversy based survivor series here’s what’s happened in the last few episodes.

Season 19 Episode 5: The Other Wilsons.

Max moves in with an old friend from college and things are about to get wacky. Will Max adapt to the new environment, and who are these new Cah-Razy characters!? Look out folks because the next one on the guest list is hilarity. Thursdays on “Maxin it out”

Season 19 Episode 6: Gettin’ Paid

Watch as Max tries and tries to find a job. The internet? Interviews? Blind resume drops? Which will it be? But don’t stop just yet because things take another cah-razy turn. Will Max end up being a bouncer at a strip club? Hold on to your hat’s folks because it’s about to get wild. Thursdays on “Maxin it out”

Season 19 Episode 7: Playing the Game

Things are finally starting to look up when Max gets a job as a game tester, but he’s the one who’s about to get played. A handling mix up sends Max to the wrong project, will his dream job slip through his fingers? Find out Thursdays on “Maxin it out”

The only problem is that the producers of the show also have a nondisclosure agreement, so they can’t tell me how the end of this amazing two-parter is going to go. The gist of the story is that I was supposed to be signed onto a project that’s going to run continuously through the end of October, but when I went in to do the paperwork involved in becoming a Volt employee they put into the bullpen list, so I got contracted onto a project that was just that one day. It turns out that even if you’re not on a project there’s a day laborer kind of fill ins pool that you can throw your proverbial hat into. I’m supposed to be on a project, but was instead thrown into the pool. I’ve talked to the guy at Volt, he’s working on it, and everything should turn out okay. I’ll let you know as soon as I do.


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