Thursday, November 16, 2006

When it rains it pours

So I'm defiantly not unemployed anymore. I am, in fact, in the same annoying position I'm always in. I have a new contract with volt playing classified games for M$. This contract starts Friday, goes Monday through Wednesday of next week, and Monday and Tuesday of the following week. It's only 6 days of work over three weeks, so by no means have I stopped being a slacker. I also got a phone call today from a gentleman who saw my resume and wants to offer me another job. I applied for a lot of jobs, and I didn't want to make the faux pas of asking the person I was arranging a job interview with which job it was, but it turns out it was this one. I think it shows just how much meaning I've put into the phrase "Carpeting the web with my resume" when the description of "Laundry attendant at a hotel in bellevue" covers more then one of the the jobs I've applied to.

You may have noticed by now that this is another part time job. A part time job that doesn't conflict with my other job, and yes, I'm planning to do both. This is assuming I get the graveyard front desk/laundry attendant job, which is not yet guaranteed.

Also, if this other job pays enough, I'm going to stop working at Volt altogether. There's a beautiful little bit of trickery that states that normal people don't want to work graveyard shifts and never see the sun. They want to be awake at the hours their peers are awake, and hence don't want to work graveyard. This is what I assume anyway because night jobs have a tendency to pay more. I would prefer a night job, and I nothing short of love money. There's nothing like poverty to give you a first hand lesson in the whole "Money is Power" thing I've been ranting about for a year or so now. This is to say nothing of my "Money is Freedom" doctrine. In either case if I can get enough funding from the night job I'm going to put it to use trying to secure another night job.

The one key thing I've learned is that I can't confidently say what my employment future will be, but I can say with confidence that I'll figure something out. I may not have gained much of the inner clarity or purpose that I sought from this trip, but I have gained a great deal of self confidence, and I've learned from years of playing leader in Boy Scouts that if you do it right you can cram confidence into the holes created by a lack of vision or overall strategy. I feel almost traitorous saying it but the key thing I learned about leadership in the scouts is that it's more important to look certain then to know what you're doing. If you stand tall and look like you know what you're doing people will follow, and once you have them following you then you can worry about where you're leading them.


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