Friday, November 10, 2006

GH2, True Heroism, and the Duncan Hills Batsfyrd coffee jingle massacre fest

The answer to your first question is Guitar Hero 2.

That should also answer the second question.

The third question though is the fun one. If you don't recognize the phrase "Duncan hills batsfyrd coffee jingle massacre fest" then you don't watch enough TV, and I have one and half words for you. Metalocalypse. The show is hilarious and the music is suprisingly good. It's good enough that it could support itself on its own.

Now that you know that I direct you to this. There's a lot of great songs on that list, but there are two that prove to me that Harmonix is the true voice of the gamer. You've got to stay true to your roots people, and harmonix is grounded in the heavily protected pockets of nerdcore. So what are the two songs that matter?

Thunderhorse. By Dethklok, the band from Metalocalypse. And yes I'll admit that I have ranted more then once that thunderhorse was a bad choice, but those rants are entirely based on the greatness of the song Mustakrakishn. I would also have supported the actual song from the Duncan Hills Batsfyrd coffee jingle massacre fest. This dosn't smother my elation at dethkloks presence in the game though, and I think it's a move that shows how well the company is tied to its playerbase. It gets better though. The connection is shown well by catching dethklok, but nothing shows it better then this. The ultimate song, the grand master of them all.

Trogdor. By Strong Bad. That's right. The Burninator made it on to GH2, and that's Totally Metal.


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