Friday, November 10, 2006


I went into the apartment with the plan of having next to zero furniture wise. My plan then was to have a mattress, a desk, a chair, and the things I was bringing which include my computer, and my Erics' 'fridge.

It turns out I managed to outdo myself. The cost, and the sheer annoyance of getting a ride made buying a table out of the question for a fairly long amount of time, and C&C who had an abundance of furniture put a thee shelf bookshelf up for grabs, and with my refined college student instincts I immediately jumped on the free thing. I also have a set of Japanese style mat beds on load from the Wilsons, proving that I'm still just a punk kid slacker who can't afford to buy his own mattress. However after using these for as long as I have I've become convinced that I'll return them not when I buy a mattress, but when I buy my own set of Japanese style sleeping mats. I'm really quite fond of them. At this point I'm done with furniture. Let me explain.

The Bed is against one wall, the bookshelf faces the bed with it's back to the other wall. One side of the minifridge is placed against the back of it. The computer is placed along a wall such that it faces perpendicular to the bookshelf, and the back of the computer faces the same general area as the back of the minifridge. The placement for the two heat producers may seem bad but it's actually quite strategic because the window is directly above that spot, and the cool northwestern air creates a great cooling current.

The next level of detail is really where the genius is. The three tiers of the bookshelf each serve their own distinct function. The bottom one is a nightstand because it's level with my head when I'm lying down. The Middle one is a media center because my laptop slides in nicely and is visible from a nice reclining position, and the top shelf becomes the miscellaneous flat surface that is used while pacing my room. It currently has a tupperware full of rings I've collected from the free soda volt gives me, A large tin of caramel corn I bought from a local scout troop who was doing a fund raiser outside of QFC, my dice bag, and the book "Imaginary Weapons" which I'm reading on and off. That solves my entire sleeping situation. The other function my room has to serve is to provide me with my portal to the internet, which I consider my native land. This was actually amazingly simple. I put the monitor on top of the mini fridge, facing away from my bed. I then sit with my back to the wall in the space between the fridge and the wall next to the computer. The keyboard sits on my lap, and mouse is on a mouse stand. By mouse stand I mean that I got two small empty boxes, duct taped them together and put my mouse pad on top.

I've managed to get myself a great environment, by my standards, and the total cost?


Well I guess like 20 cents worth of Duct tape, but essentially 0. Besides I didn't even buy it, it was Chris's duct tape so the cost to me is still nill.

This also gives me an extremely open room. C&C have the master bedroom which is larger but still feel painfully occupied to me. It's a very typical master bedroom. Single large bed, night stand, dressers, lamp. It's nice, and I think it's something that most people would find far superior to my degenerate setup, but it's not suited to my desires. Kevin's room is almost exactly like his room at his house in that it's filled with miscellaneous objects and in an eternal state of disarray. You could say that mine is similar, but the eternal state of disarray is easily understood as long as you remember that an items proximity to the computer shows how recently I've been using it, and I keep my miscellaneous objects on the shelves in my closet.

I'll post a picture later, once I have better lighting and have charged my camera.


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