Monday, November 20, 2006


Select scenes from my Wii camping expedition.

5:30 P.M.
Kid in Purple Shirt: "Hey, are you the back of the line?"
Max: "Yeah, I just arrived."
Kid: "Cool, I was just counting you're about 80th in line."
Max: "Yeah, I was really surprised to see a line this long even after I showed up six and a half hours before it opens."
Kid: "Oh yeah, I've actually been here since 9. I'm number four."
Max: "Nine this morning? That's intense."
Kid: "No no, 9 yesterday morning. I'm that yellow sleeping bag up by the front."

12:01 a.m.
Woo! they're opening. The line moves forward and we come to a solid halt about 30 feet ahead of where we started. Turns out they were just condensing. The line proceeds to move forward at a glacial pace.

2:53 a.m.
I finally get up to the front.
Gamecrazy Employee#1: "So what'll it be for you."
Max: "I'll take... A Zelda, A Red Steel, and... give me a copy of Ultimate Alliance."
Gamecrazy Employee#1: "All right a Zelda," He pulls a copy out of the giant box they've been keeping close to the desk. "Hey do we have any Red Steels left?"
Gamecrazy Employee#2: "No, all we had in were the reserves and the display, and somebody already bought the display."
Max: "Damn. What about Marvel Ultimate Alliance?"
Gamecrazy Employee#2: "Same Story."
Max: "Damn."

3:20ish a.m.
I arrive back. I've been awake for the last 21 hours. I begin opening the box, but then decide against it and begin repacking.
Kevin: "Not going to play?"
Max: "No, too tired. But I am going to put Zelda out on the front table to mock Catie. Then I'll put the Wii on the high shelf in my closet. If she wants to play she'll have to danger the heights in the lair of a slumbering ogre."


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