Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dark Descent

A Penny-Arcade news post leads me to the subject of some new thing called the "PlayStation Eye." I'm intrigued, I do what I usually do when I'm scanning for information. I do Google search for it then open the first three results in different windows.

All three have been blocked by websense.

Now I know a way to get around websense, but I like this job so I'm just going to roll with it. I begin typing in the names of reputable gaming blogs but websense has blocked all of them too. The only one it hasn't blocked is Evil-Avatar. A Forum.

I swore off forums years ago. They were source of the mind numbing horror that gave birth to my third barrel theory* and the final blow was struck when I was banned from the AO forums by corrupt admins for complaining about corrupt admins on the AO forums. I really should've seen that one coming though.

I begin rooting through ev-av, it lies to me, promising to be a vast repository of information, but in truth it's a series of the misinformed and the uninformed blathering and pulling at straws. More then once I begin to read an article and find the contents so crushing that I just hit back without even finishing the sentence. This even happens on a few true stories, stuff like:

"Hillary duff to star in a new dance based MMO..."
"NPD numbers confirm that the Gameboy Advance is outselling the PlayStation 3, but Sony says they're unconcerned because..."

I haven't found anything useful. I've found more intelligence then I did on the AO forums, but I only dipped my toes into Ev-Av's WoW forum before finding that good old fashion short sighted bias and unwarranted misdirected outrage. I think I'm going to call this project a wash and just find out what the eye is once I have a real computer available to me.

*The third barrel theory states that if you took all of the Internet and placed in a barrel, took the bottom of that barrel and placed it in a second barrel, took the bottom of that barrel and placed it in a third barrel, the horrible dross at the bottom of the third barrel would be Internet forums.


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