Sunday, April 22, 2007


I have so many substantial blog posts in the draft phase, but I keep running into these little quick ones.

I've made two substantial breakthroughs tonight. First I've found that if I take all of the bottles out of my backpack (I keep a bottle of Vaultâ„¢ on me at all times in case I need to get to it!, and because having an energy drink at your night job seems like a good idea) then I can lay my arm on top of my backpack, vastly improving the conditions under which I doze in the breakroom.

The second was born of necessity. While reaping the delicious fruits of my new backpack assisted arm headrest I heard a noise. I could have sworn it was a low voice saying something. It was something that I could easily justify ignoring, especially because I was the only one in the building and the doors were all locked, but I felt the need to check. Turns out one of those doors wasn't locked. It wasn't a break in or anything, fairly standard key error, but it did expose the vulnerability left by the combination of my incompetence and my horribly fractured sleep patterns. A bit of unofficial documentation is rigged up and the nicely printed and clip-arted "The night attendant is patrolling the grounds please use the courtesy phone to etc. etc." sign becomes a piece of lined yellow paper with the phrase "The Night Attendant is in the back, please yell for Service." Honestly I think my version gets to the point a lot faster.


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