Thursday, April 26, 2007

Intersting but pointless

This article is something I find very interesting, but also reinforces all the criticisms I have about current day space exploration.

1. We're still firmly attached to the idea that life on other planets will function similarly to Terran life. I wouldn't mind if they said they found a planet with similar conditions to earth interesting because it would save us a fortune on Teraforming, but I think Xenobiology, which I think that's a real term but it may be something from a video game, opens the doors to things which are radically different from life as we know it.

2. 20.5 light years is a long as way away. If we survive long enough to develop technology to travel that far then this planet will be really noteworthy. And we might not.

Still, very interesting.

*Hmm, spell check rejects the work Xenobiology, but according to the Internet equivalent of our wisend elders I'm right.
*Did you know blogger spellcheck capitalizes the word Internet? I just find that amusing.


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