Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Something that's bugging me

One of the vast threads of story that I cause to flow through me recently discussed life in France, and the matter of Pasteurized Milk. The French had assumed the speaker would be mad about it, but the speaker is an incredibly meek man and made no complaints. He speaks of the reaction to presumed indignation as part of his theory on the perceived rudeness of the french.

That's not what bugs me, that's just a story by David Sedaris. My problem is this.

In America we have essentially only pasteurized milk. In France they have both. From this you could say that America is a bigger supporter of pasteurization, but Louie Pasteur was French. It bugs me, in a minor way, that this great French technology caught on in America, and is now the source of tension, imagined or otherwise, between the French and the Americans. Especially when it's the French who have failed to pick up use of their own technology.


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