Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bodily Harmony

The matter of my poor physical health has been weighing on me more recently. The obvious answer to this is to just exercise, but that would only work if I stuck with it, and I know myself too well to fall for that.

My interest in the eastern martial arts is well founded, but my knowledge and training are essentially nonexistent. I don't have the time or money for actual training, mostly due to the travel time that this would require. Luckily I'm a child of the information age, so I have the Internet at my disposal. It promises to provide me with the knowledge I seek.

It's amazing how many things have pod casts. Now if there were any Tai-Chi pod casts that weren't dead I would be in great shape. There are a few Aikido pods, but watching them yields the same reaction I always have while watching Aikido.

"What the hell was that? They were sword fighting, then one guy touched the other ones arm, and the one was suddenly sprawled on the ground while the other had his sword. How do they do that?"

It's clear that I'm going to need professional help to learn Aikido. The inherent slow focus of Tai Chi should make it easier to teach over a podcast. Now I just need to find one...


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