Saturday, May 19, 2007


I was amazed to find that the May 19th announcement by blizzard was already made when I checked the news sites at 4 a.m. on May 19th. Then I remembered that the announcement was made in Korea. Go Timezones.

Speaking of which, Woo!

I was kind of hoping for world of starcraft. It seemed like the only thing that would pull me out of world of warcraft. Oh Fury, how I long for thee.

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of the Cheers theme song? They're really brutal. The famous line is "Sometimes you want to go / Where everybody knows your name." Well the preceding line that sets up the rhyme for go is "And your third Fiancee didn't show." It's probably just a bit of comedic exaggeration, but it's amazing how harsh they are.

There's a woman who rides my bus on Saturday mornings. She's always wearing a scarf, gloves, sunglasses, a head cover, and thick clothing. I would say she has the plague, but we got over that a while ago. I default to the modern equivalent, and assume she has the aids.

I find the phrase "The Aids" far too amusing.

Some times I wish other people around me on the bus could hear my music. It would make it a lot less awkward when I unconsciously start raving to myself.

Actually, I was listening to the song 'Sex Bomb', by the Lords of Acid at the time, so it's probably a good thing they can't hear it.


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