Tuesday, June 19, 2007


There's a phrase that I'm using a lot recently. "I am far too amused by X." It reflects a concept of dignity which I am gradually departing from. The idea that one must maintain a certain level of composure has a strong history, but it goes against the philosophy of full experience, wherein on surrenders their image of self to their actual self. While this idea conflicts with the ascetic approach I have been taking it is, in retrospect, another method of reducing the idea of the individual in pursuit of ones connection to the sublime. Perhaps I'm just approaching the same end from a seemingly counter-intuitive angle.

All that being said I am far too amused by the idea of "Ghost riding the whip"


Anonymous Kevin said...

To use our common language:

You used to practice solely in the mastigos way but are now delving into the thrysus way...

11:47 PM  

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