Tuesday, June 12, 2007


-If I'm going to sleep for 17 hours I'm going to need a bed with much better back support. I'm not sure if the most valid concern here is that I have sub-par sleeping conditions, or that I occasionally engage in a series of events that lead to me sleeping for 17 hours.

-I like my new room. It's slightly larger, has a good window for looming over the street, and before long I'll have an actual desk.

-I must always remember to pack the bolts and washers when I'm moving a desk.

-I'm going to take several pictures and videos of the shakey upper shelf that will save me a great deal of money when we're trying to reclaim out security deposit.

-My ipod was next to the laptop. The cord was next to the iPod. I spent all night sitting next to the iPod, usually using iTunes. How did I manage to forget to charge my iPod.

-I love this location. Stuff is finally within walking distance.

-Back in Lander I used to complain that it was hard to study. The whole place was entrenched in drugs and alcohol, and sexy co-ed girls kept walking by. Now that I have my own place in the U-district I can finally study, without giving up access to that depravity.

-I like the look of the burned down building next door a little more then I should.

-There's a fire station only a few blocks from here. How the hell did that place burn down?

-If I hadn't had to stop and wait for my iPod to charge I would have left too early to go to the bank, this may have been a good thing.

-There was a printer that Kevin owned in the bottom of our closet for nearly a year. Every time we discussed the webcomic that year I would say that we needed a printer. Kevin had a printer. How the hell did he not know this? He brought it from home. WHAT THE HELL KEVIN!?!

-Being greeted by 1/2 naked Canadians at 6:30 am is very disturbing.

-I'm probably going to be involved in a star wars RPG based on D&D soon. Three of us, all male, will be playing in our apartment. This may be the nerdiest thing I've ever done. I'm going to try to get us to play while waiting to get into PAX, so that we're playing a double nerd enriched nerd game at a nerd con surrounded by nerds. Going further then that requires cosplay.

-Cosplay is exactly on the line of the stuff I can tolerate. Going any further causes you to lose my respect.

-That's right L.A.R.P.-ers, I went there.

-I still need a Force FX lightsaber.

-New Rule: Lightsaber fights are not larping unless they're part of an MET version of the starwars RPG.

-Comcast will be made to suffer for their policies.

-I don't have the money to buy a Force FX lightsaber. When I think about that reasonably it falls so far down on my list of expenditures. I hope they still make them when I get around to it.

-I'd like to thank whoever is running this unprotected wireless network.

-There's a story on this episode of this American life about a fake KKK raid on a heavily leftist Zionist youth camp that was intended to serve as a political lesson which is just fucked up. Seriously what the hell man?

-Adults do very stupid things while trying to teach kids important things. Kids listen to interesting stories, and it's not hard to make stories about prejudice interesting. Brutal and depressing, but still interesting.

-I wonder if my iPod is charged yet

-Once again spell check hates my esoteric terminology. I'm going to go play KOTOR until this is charged. More substantial updates once I have access to a better keyboard again.


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