Saturday, September 15, 2007

A new game

I've invented a new internet game. It is, rather appropriately, called "A series of Tubes." It's very simple.

If you're a nerd you should have some kind of die within arms reach of your computer area. I found the classic D20, but you could play with any number of sides you want. If you're not a nerd get a D6, of what you philistines would just call a die.


Anyway you should all also have at least one youtube link somewhere in your bookmarks. Go to it, and roll your die. Now select one of the related youtubes at random, when the page loads, do it again a number of times equal to your die rolls. If you're too left brained you can use another die to select which one of the relateds you should use, but in general just make sure that you're not going in circles. After going to related a number of times equal to that die roll, watch that youtube video, then roll again and move on.

I assure you this game can yield delicious fruits. Take for example the fifth round of the first game I played.

Karaoke for the deaf.



Blogger Kevin said...

Epic indeed my good man!

8:19 PM  

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