Saturday, September 08, 2007

Stories on the wind

There's been an amazingly large number of local emergencies today. I live only a few blocks from a Fire station, so I've gotten used to hearing sirens, but I'm fairly certain these have been related to local things. We keep the windows open constantly, and I've gotten accustomed to various scents wafting in. This morning I smelled the distint scent of a building burning, which is kind of like the scent of woodsmoke and the scent of plastic burning at the same time, and about an hour later the breeze carrried the scent of hose water. There were several bouts of sirens in the middle, they've been really active today, so I can't say which one it was, but i'm pretty sure that somethign nearby was on fire.

What I'm wondering now is if that same burning scent, that's once again riding on the breeze, is just remanents or if there's another fire. I did hear sirens going in that direction...


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