Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Countless little things seem off. Nothing big, not all of them are bad either, there's just an abundance of things that feel somehow inconsistent.

The biggest one is that every time I go outside everything feels expansive. There are clear skies and wide open areas. You're not trapped by the looming mountains, the hills, the lakes, the rivers, or the gray ceiling. I no longer question how Houston expanded so much, coming from Seattle to Houston I'm filled with this desire to fill the grand void of living in a large flat area.

I looked in the sink and on the stove, noting that the pot was not present and wistfully snapping my fingers at the though that I'd have to run the dish washer before I could use the pot. I then remembered that I'm living in a fully stocked house, where it isn't, in fact, the pot, it's A pot and I'm almost outraged by the sheer range of supplies at my disposal in this kitchen.

I walked back from a mall today. I saw three other people who were out on foot, but I didn't see any other pedestrians. Pedestrians, in my mind, are people traveling on foot, so I don't count people who are just jogging from point A back to point A via the suburban snarl.

I brought all of my good blankets and pillows with me when I went to Seattle. I think it was a good choice, but it makes things a bit complicated.

Without MMO's I saw how much time I was spending playing them. Now that I'm sans-video games entirely I can see just how of my leisure time is normally spent playing them. I don't really think this is a bad thing, but I no longer have any questions about whether or not I fit into the "hardcore."

I've made curry a few times using these blocks that friends of Kevin found. The first time I made it I had a deep feeling of nostalgia. It tasted so much like the curry my Mom used to make. Well I found an identical box in the cabinet here, so it may in fact be effectively identical to the curry she used to make.


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