Thursday, December 20, 2007

Unlocking the Higher Self

The technique is really quite simple. Slow everything you do down 5-10%, and maintain consciousness of your actions and mannerisms.

It's really quite similar to Zen in that aspect.

Yes, or the more obscure Jutsu martial arts. Perfect motion, perfect action, no direct concern for the outcome, but rather taking perfected effect as an extension of perfected form.

It's amazing how many little things you pick up if you spend a few hours thinking about what you're doing at all times. It's something that sounds obvious, but in retrospect I haven't done this outside of a meditative exercise before. Applying those same general techniques to day to to day life...

It's sounds too obvious doesn't it?

Yeah. Why exactly didn't we think of this before?

We had accepted social inability, and fallen victim to the idea that it's a have have not innate talent thing. Even after finding time and time again that almost everything can be learned, and that everything that can be learned has a group of nerds somewhere on the internet who are analyzing engineering and perfecting it, usually with free instructions.

Charisma nerds. It's still an odd concept.

Yes, but when has oddity, or even outright absurdity ever stopped us?

True. Anyway, back on topic. Basic idea here is that you're monitoring your behavioral patterns and modifying them slightly until you slip into patterns of acting like someone whose relaxed and confident.


But I'm not relaxed and confident.

That actually doesn't matter. It's the beautiful part of it. Charisma is all about outward projection, what you're showing not only in words but in body language, stance etc. If we're taking a fully scientific approach about it then it's clear that everything that's understood to be "Empathy" is really just unconscious reading of these equally unconscious signals, possibly along with some pheromones stuff, but once we make the unconscious conscious we can begin manipulating them.

Once again, very Zen. What if we aren't taking the fully scientific approach to it?

If we're opening up the door to the possibility of legitimate psychoempathic powers the scenario is actually effectively the same. Even if we have anecdotal evidence of empaths, we also know that they're rare at best. If they exist they'll be lost amongst the failures that are the results of bad technique on our part. Net effect 0.

Of course. The invisibles hiding in the margin of error.

It's worked for the entire World of Darkness series of RPGs, I don't see why we can't apply the same thinking.

Whoa, whoa whoa. You can't use RPG logic when discussing things in the real world.

Max we're discussing the possibility of psychics seeing through NLP. This is just barely the real world.



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