Monday, March 17, 2008

Fun Facts from my studying rigor

Lets start with the class that is a never ending source of amusing information.

There are several types of marriage, can you guess which kind has the highest failure rate?

A: Marriage by agreement, in which both parties want to get married.
B: Marriage by arrangement, wherein the families arrange for two people to be married
C: Marriage by capture, wherein one partner is literally abducted and forced into marriage and usually into pregnancy.

Think carefully before you answer.

Trick Question! The divorce rates are similar for all of them, with less than a third of marriages lasting for more then four years. There are some complications with the whole "capture" scenario, but surprisingly enough Kirghistan, and their old timey traditions, provide us with some very interesting data. That time figure is also key, because it's the decay cycle of passionate infatuation. Sort of like the half life on the nuclear family.

A few more fun facts in this vein. Key causes for the rising divorce rate in America? First: Life Span. People used to die off after 12 years or so of marriage, made it a lot simpler. Another important one? Society's growing disapproval of Battery. Suddenly women can go out and complain when they're being beaten into submission without prior consent and a safeword. Shucks howdy that just ruined everything didn't it? I guess that's what we get for giving them the vote. Long for the good old days? Wonder what kept people together so long? Death and Beatings.

I'm really going to miss this class.


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