Monday, March 03, 2008


I'm not sure of the exact origins of this story, my understanding is that it's a transcript of someone's "write about your heroes" paper, but there's a phrase floating around the internet.

"Halo guy is my hero, because he kills people, and he doesn't afraid of anything."

I want to laugh at that, because it amuses me in the same stupid way that lolcats, Ghost riding the whip, and any other number of inane things do. In fact I do laugh at it, but I can't really place judgment on the kid for the phrase "doesn't afraid of anything," because that's the kind of stupid mistake I make all the time.

Case in point, while posting Casual ducks II I went back to confirm that there was an entry entitled Casual ducks. There is, but it contains the phrase "They're always been here." Now understand that I don't think that this grammar issue is new, but have I really been saying to myself "I need to proofread more" since April 2006?


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