Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I've been thinking about my problems and ambitions recently. They're basically the same thing insofar as ambitions that aren't being fulfilled are just problems. The root, after thorough analysis, can be expressed in one of two ways.

Sleep or Routine.

The former informs the latter, which necessitates the former. The ambitions list is complex, but speaking strictly regarding the ones which can be addressed here they can fit into two essential points. Physical and Mental. Both of them necessitate getting out of the apartment more, spending time respectively at the wannabe studying/reading/doing free tarot readings, and spending more time at [planned exercise location here].

The way I see it the solution is two fold. The first involves me getting the damn hell up and doing stuff. As always I am the greatest barrier to my success. The second involves me solving the grand mystery of my sleep schedule. That one may be a bit more complex, particularly because it is, ultimately, the root of the issue.


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