Friday, February 08, 2008

One Point

Part of the Aikido training is learning to move from one point, what I immediately filtered into the already known quantity of the red chakra. The amount of Ki/Chi/Parana lexicon used in class varies from one instructor to the next, but is usually kind of low, so I find myself reinforcing the ideas in a language a bit different from the ones they used.

Anyway, I've got the idea down, but I've got one key problem with Aikido. My core is absolutely killing me. When I sit or stand, or do any movement when laying down it uses that incredibly sore muscle set. I used to think this was a strain or a tear or something more along the lines of an injury, but I can see now that it's just epic sore, because everything I do, from rolling, to throwing, to the step exercises all focuses around moving from that one point. And the muscles around that point are dying. This will, of course, correct itself in time, but in the meantime I find myself wincing a lot more then I like to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

be honest and careful about injuries, "time spent healing is not time spent training"

Do you three days rehab, so you don't do three weeks recovery

7:26 PM  

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