Thursday, February 28, 2008


This is a reminder mostly to myself about topics I need to address in this blog.

-Psych Student Syndrome, Andro/Estro

-Korean MMOs, and Podcasts

-The Third veil (explanatory not expository) [Decided against it]

-Making a routine of it [Done]

-What now (aikido) [Done]

-Vestigial Lizard Reflexes

-Why Comp 111 should've been a different class, plus a lecture

-The War on Sleep [Done]

-Go check up on "On Gods and Champions II." There's gotta be some way to finish that post without it looking like the deranged manifesto of a would be cult leader.

Unrelated note to self. Consider starting a cult.

I'm taking bets now as to how many of these I actually get to. I'm guessing somewhere around 5.


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