Tuesday, June 24, 2008


-I don't talk to my parents particularly often, and there's a fairly clear reason for this. I just don't have a lot to say. It's not that I'm on bad terms with either of them, I'm just an independent person. Going home is nice, I'm glad I got to see my family, but the problem is even more evident in person.

-A few nights ago I found myself awake, deep in the night unable to sleep in my room in Houston. I spent at least half of the nights between 15 and 18 in just this state, but I haven't been to that state in weeks. It was odd. The room wasn't as it once was, it wasn't me anymore. It was as though I was in a museum to my former existance. A monument to something that was, but no longer is.

-Insomnia without a computer is fantastically boring.

-I know what I meant by it, but somehow the phrase "Fantastically boring" feels wrong, even though it's what comes when I try to express this.

-My bed in Houston is indented from me sitting on the edge for long hours. I never really noticed it before, but so often I only slept once I'd passed the point of exhaustion, so I'm not entirely surprised.

-My most effective self motivational mantras tend to involve a lot of casual profanity.


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