Friday, May 23, 2008


-I find the experience of being awoken by sunlight much more satisfying then the traditional method. Something about the natural flow of it, and the naturally slow waking process along with the lack of any sudden shock just makes the experience better. The fact that the sun is sending Wake Up signals straight through my pituitary gland to my suprachiasmic nucleus at Five Thirty In the Damn Morning is another issue altogether.

-My psych classes have a habit of warping me, as all classes do, but the most recent one works in a particularly stark way. I see behavioral traits, personal issues, and all of the things that plague the everyday person and I think about the part of the brain that's responsible for it. A friend with dyslexia is analyzed in terms of Broca area issues, and immediately leads me to an internal discussion on whether or not this is a form of aphasia.

-That's totally not aphasia, Aphasia means difficulty in cognition of spoken language, not difficulty in cognition of language that's being brought in.

-This means that the whole thing about saying "cotion of ponfusion" would be aphasia, so it is.

-Except not.

-A much better example of this is that while laying in bed I did actually discuss with myself whether it would be better to face away from the window or towards it. This sounds like an obvious issue, but if I'm correct the pituitary gland is located above the hypothalamus in the dorsal region of the skull, so back towards the window will expose it to sunlight. However there's direct irritation from having my eyes pointed towards the light, despite the mitigating factor of the eyelids. Also, isn't it light cognition in general? The body's internal regulatory clock is located just above the eyes (hence the name suprachiasmic nucleus, which is itself a reference to the optic chiasm) and I'm fairly sure it monitors light exposure to the eyes as well. It's right there, you'd think it would right?

-For the record, this entire discussion took place over the hour that I spent feigning sleep without me ever getting up to simply put the shades down on the window. Granted that occurred to me, but I was trying to sleep, and my extensive research on the subject has taught me that rule one for keeping that state is not getting up.

-I was able to empathize far too well with the kids on that show about mental illness. Granted I don't have schizophrenia, but their symptoms are things I understand far too well, and it's a little bit worrying.

-I'm also slightly concerned that I was able to spell schizophrenia correctly on the first try. Especially because I managed to botch irritation.

-I either ate something bad, or I'm beginning to experience more pronounced physiological effects of my recent issues. Or I'm several weeks pregnant. It started after taking my pills though, so I'm thinking the blame is on my new fish oil pills, or some circumstance of bad chemistry.

-Thinking about whether or not my mental health is causing my physical illness can't be good for my mental health.

-In retrospect I've been thinking far too negatively recently. Obsessing over my problems is only adding to my problems. This is the grand cruelty of mental illnesses, they stack.

-I'm taking a mental health day. I feel much more valid doing this then I normally do.


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