Wednesday, September 03, 2008


On Friday (This is last Friday, because I'm still talking about PAX) I made several circuits of the Expo hall trying to find all of the free stuff I could. I made a pretty good haul. Posters, buttons, demo CDs, a few gloves, a faceplate for our 360 which might not have actually been swag, and a fanny pack that I was given after asking how one gets one of their fanny packs. The thing about the last one is that inside were a bunch of the cards they were handing out, along with some gum, and a few pieces of trash, so I'm not sure that guy was actually supposed to give it to me.

Now all of this swag is here, in my room. Some of it has gone up onto my walls, but in a glorious testament to my belief in taking all the free things I can get I find myself with a room strewn with posters for things I don't care about, more buttons and stickers then I could ever need, and a few things I don't even really recognize. I suppose I could just go to to find out why I have 3 left gloves and 1 right glove that all say that on the back, but I don't really care, I just wanted some free gloves.

The really troubling thing about this is that I don't want to just dispose of the stuff I'm not going to use. These are posters for various video games, and even though I have no intention of playing a bunch of those games, I still kind of want them. What's even more troubling is that while looking for places to put them I found a bunch of posters from last PAX which fill the same general role. Some of those were actually once on my walls, but now that the map cluster is taking up a fairly large space, and the white board has claimed half of a wall which is otherwise reserved for inflammatory symbols I just don't have room. I'm considering pulling down my grind house poster, but I know that it's the only vaguely normal poster in my room, and that if I did remove it I'd have Zero band posters, Zero movie posters, and Nine video game ones. Something just seems wrong with that. Although to be honest, a lot of what's going on right now seems wrong in little ways.


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