Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Thirst Mutilator

A few months ago I was first introduced to the internet sensation that is Powerthirst. It's a fun little video, and it's a clever idea. This introduced me to the group Picnicface, who've made a number of good things. This later lead me to Powerthirst 2.

So cut forward in time to a few days ago. There are screens setup in the theaters at PAX for the use of whoever is presenting there at the time, and while people are filing in there's a reel of trailers and promos and so on that fill the blank space. Almost all of these are for video games, but occasionally the odd college pitching a game design major slips in. As it happens so did an add for something I'd never heard of before called Brawndo. At first that add enraged me. I later got a hold of the internet version of it, which actually credits Picnicface. What was most shocking though was when I found out that Brawndo is real. Someone got a hold of Powerthirst's joke advertisements and is running with it.


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