Saturday, January 17, 2009


There are a number of topics that I've noted in one way or another as subjects that I should investigate in the form of a blog post. I haven't posted these because I haven't gotten far enough into any of these discussions to have anything salient to say. However, I've now gotten enough subjects built up that I think the list alone constitutes being recorded. So, things I've been thinking about recently.

-Settling as a form of predestination.
-Settling vs. Aspiration
-Stability vs. Aspiration
-The difference between hope and faith.
-Differentiating between learned habit and nature, and the possible illusion of nature.
-Programmed want vs. genuine want vs. need vs. percieved need vs. indoctrinated need, and the illusion of necessity.
-Freedom vs. Routine
-Freedom vs. Stability
-The idea that truth can be created from lies by forcing people to keep promises. I.E. "Dragging them kicking and screaming into the light."
-Charisma vs. Coercion
-Systemic society's potential to create a sense of predestination. The implications of this, with particular focus to the possibility of creating a sense of powerlessness, and the possible detrimental impacts of that upon the society itself.
-The necessity of structure.
-Freedom vs. Respect
-Tolerance for practices resulting from opinion, belief, and tradition in the face of scientific evidence that such practices are harmful.
-The right of people to ruin their own lives and the lives of those around them.
-How to make a functioning economy without the debt based "imaginary money" problem.
-The fixed currency concept.
-The systemic flaw of the world that promotes those with talent over those with virtue. I.E. "The problem with the world is that when good people rise to power evil people kill them, take their power, and use it to tell everyone else that the person they just killed was evil."
-The inherent flaw with honor. I.E. "The Carib had honor, and courage, and were fighting for their ancient homeland, but the Spainish had guns."
-The state after global market capitalism, Technoprovidence, and why I hate and love Marx.
-The information age, the role of personal use technology to facilitate the normalization of isolation, and the subsequent normalization of anti-social tendencies, and the numerous possible implications of them, including hyper-tribalism, the loss of cooperative skills, the ease of leadership, the ease of The Powers™ to dupe the distracted masses, the possible dependence on mood altering drugs to function with other people and the subsequent rise in the use of both illegal and legal drugs, and the possible fall of humanity resulting from the grand scale implications of these various things. I.E. "The world is oblivious. They've got headphones on."
-Bluetooth, the personal world phenomenon, and the immediate need for established etiquette.
-The lack of true consequence in american government.
-Whether the proper response to a rise in gun violence is speaking out against gun ownership or getting a gun.
-Gun control vs. Mandatory military training. Which will have a greater positive effect on society, and the false dichotomy of the question.
-Accepting the violent nature of humanity. I.E. "I would support banning guns as long as everyone had to fight with Samurai Swords."
-Technology as the facilitator for our most horrible tendencies.
-Distractions, the value of stress, and why I might hate entertainment.
-The tendency to latch onto crazy ideas in moments of high stress, and the nature of these ideas as always being right on the line between outright madness and clear genius. I.E. "Do I still hate entertainment when I'm not freaking out? And doesn't that just prove my original theory right?"
-The morality of enforcing conquence.
-Variant forms of martial arts, and the idea of enlightened or genteel violence. I.E. "The Gentlemans art of punching people in the face."
-War vs. Battle, which is in essence a grander extrapolation of Soldiers vs. Warriors

I think that's it. For now anyway.


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