Monday, January 12, 2009


-I've been thinking a lot about the power of certificates. The little badges that don't really mean anything, but give you authority. It's for this reason that I'm working on getting a concealed weapons permit, and a food handlers certification. I'm thinking about becoming a notary, and an ordained minister after that. Then I'll begin looking for other quick and easy ones.

-I was poking around the net via an interesting google ad, and I got to a page that was basically trying to convince people who know about science that science supports God. Now that's just bullshit, but it's still usually an interesting read. It was from this page that I found a header reading "If you can read this, I can prove God Exists." I clicked on that, and firefox froze up and closed, and if I'm understanding the original logic correctly, that means that god doesn't exist.

-Orange is one of the only sweet flavors I genuinely enjoy. Orange is also one of those flavors that's tricky to find in anything other then orange soda, orange juice, and oranges. This may be why I enjoy chocolate oranges. It may also be because I had one as a child, and the act of smashing it before unwrapping it fascinated me, and cemented that memory firmly in my head. For whatever reason I enjoy, and hence bought a chocalate orange. The thing is, I remember them being much more prone to cracking, and not so much to denting. Mine, before being eaten, had be smashed into a partially flatened oblong, rather then the perfect wheel of orange slices I remember from childhood.

-The more I learn about the way people learn, and about the education system, the more my I find myself believing my own wild conspiracy theory style beliefs that it's all bullshit. Then every day I get up at 6, and some number of hours later I go to class, and I can't help but think that it's all bullshit, and that thought is begining to scare me, because it may end up being the thought that ruins my life.

-I worry too often that whatever the most recent signifigant thought of mine is, it will be the one that eventually ruins my life.


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